Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Young, The Old, and The One In Between!

One location, two photos, three generations. These two photos were taken in Asakusa temple, a famous tourist spot, in Tokyo, Japan. They uniquely portray the three generations currently controlling Japan. The second photos shows the intereaction between the young and restless and the older generation of Japanese woman. The way they dress and their body language sum the past and the future of Japan. As if she said I've done my parts, and now it's yours and he said well I know I can build Japan for a better future, but only if I didn't screw up.

The first photo shows the active adult in Japan. It is their duty to help Japan do whatever it needs to keep improving for the future. He said I know I can focus on my job to build Japan as I focus to shoot this thing on my camera. His eyes tell us how it is hard to be the backbone of Japanese culture, economy, and its way of life.

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Anonymous said...

great photos and writting! :D

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