Monday, April 20, 2009

Five People You Meet in Japan!

Five people you will meet in Japan. From a businessman who obsesses with Baseball. The man in the first photo was watching a baseball game in a TV in an electronic store during The World Baseball Game. It was Japan V Korea.

The second people you will find quite a lot in Japan are those who do not care with their surroundings. Based on the population, you probably will meet around 100 new different people everyday, but I don't think they interact with each other. They live as individuals, the only thing common between them is that they live in Japan.

The third photo shows a rare occasion, find an obese person on the street. I think Japan is the healthiest place on Earth. The eat fish on a daily basis. Junk foods exist there, but I rarely see queue on one of those places. And their version of fast food is faster than the Western version of it, and it is healthier. Fast food means you eat a bowl of noodle soup or a bowl of rice while you are standing. They usually only serve one kind of food. Fast means fast.

The fourth image shows a young Japanese man. A common view in Japan, but I assure you that you will always put your eyes on them every time you see them, it's either they dress freaking weirdly or they dress simply weird.

The last image shows an old woman prays in a temple. A common view for tourist who put temples on their schedule. But this one looks like an angle comes down to this woman. A bright light makes her looks angelic.

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